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Paper Pot Press

This solid beech paper pot press enables you to turn strips of newspaper into biodegradable plant pots for seedlings and cuttings. 

Design features:

  • Made from sustainably sourced timber
  • Reduces the amount of plastic pots from going to landfill
  • Easy to use
  • Avoids root disturbance

What is a paper pot press?

A paper pot press is a wooden device that allows you to create biodegradable pots out of strips of newspaper. It’s a great way to start seedlings off, and you can plant them as they are straight into the soil.

Once you have hardened off the young plants, transplant them in their biodegradable paper pots without damaging their tender roots.

Children love making paper pots and this innovative and simple gadget can be used to teach an invaluable lesson about sustainable living.

How to create a recycled newspaper pot

1. Fold a strip of newspaper lengthways so you have a nice long piece of paper.

2. Fold the strip in half along its length and roll it around the cylinder.

3. Turn the wooden cup around the base of the potter to seal the newspaper.

4. Give the newspaper a few twists until it releases and voila – you have your own biodegradable pot perfect for growing seedlings.

Full instructions are on the box.

Our paper pot press is made from solid beech in England, and the packaging is made and printed right here in Cornwall.

Price: £10.00

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UK Delivery: £5.75

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Find out what we've achieved in the Seychelles.

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