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Parsley Seeds

Parsley ‘Gigante di Napoli’ – Petroselinum crispum.

This is simply the best of all the parsleys, really tasty, with huge leaves, a gastronomic delight, typical of the Naples region.

Parsley is one of the staples of Italian cuisine, and has many uses in the kitchen.

Use it to make salsa verde, the other ingredients being  garlic, capers, anchovies, gherkins, mustard, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper and basil and mint too if you fancy.

In Biella, Italy, where salsa verde originates, cooked egg yolk is added too. Chop, stir and serve with seafood, eggs or baby new potatoes.

The Romans used to chew parsley to help prevent bad breath too. Quite a good plan with all that garlic around.


Sow direct outside from April to September, 1cm deep. It can take several weeks to germinate, so don’t despair!

Alternatively sow in modules of seed compost on a sunny windowsill so you can keep an eye on it and plant out when large enough to handle.

Parsley resists cold reasonably well, and regular cutting makes the plant stronger.

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