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Slimline Water Butt Kit 100L

The slimline water butt kit is a great space saver.

It has a 100 litre capacity and stands easily in a small corner, allotment, patio or restricted space.

  • Perfect for small gardens, patios or verandas, this water butt kit is a practical addition for any outdoor space.
  • Plants prefer rain water to sterilised tap water, as there’s more nitrogen in the rain that makes them thrive. A water butt is therefore the best way to harvest this rain water and give your plants the best nutrients.
  • The square shape makes it ideal for being positioned against a wall.
  • 24,000 litres can be collected off the average roof in a year. Using this water on your garden instead of using mains water can save you a fortune in water bills. Therefore, this water butt kit is excellent value for money.
  • With a water butt kit, you can give your plants a good soaking regardless of hose bans.

Who’s it for?

  • Because this is a slim water butt, it’s absolutely perfect for small outhouses, allotments, patios or roof gardens.
  • Great for anyone who likes to grow their own fruit and vegetables as naturally as possible.
  • A value for money investment for people who need to lower their water bills.
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How is it made?

This durable water butt kit is built to last. It’s made out of tough 100% recycled moulded plastic.

This slim water butt kit is manufactured in the UK with strict quality control standards. The company has been established for over 25 years, driven by their passion for sustainability. They even heat their offices using warmth generated by their rotational moulding machines.

This product comes with a one year guarantee.

How to fit this water butt

1. Place the water butt on a level surface that is strong enough to carry the weight when filled with water. 2. The water butt sits on top of the stand, which is provided to make filling your watering can easier. 3. Empty the water butt when there is risk of freezing. 4. If the water butt is accessible by children, secure the lid to the barrel. 5. If necessary, drill the hole for the tap only at the marked location.


  • Capacity : 210 Litres
  • Butt height : 99cm (39 inches)
  • Butt width : 61cm (24 inches)
  • Stand height : 29cm (12 inches)
  • Includes matching stand and universal downpipe connection kit (suitable for square/round standard size plastic downpipes)
  • Manufactured using recycled materials
  • Lockable black lid and ‘easy-twist’ tap included
  • Robust barrel shape

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