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Solar Powered Charger

Solar powered charger for all your devices.

The Camel is a 3W solar cell with an effective output of 2W which can charge your mobile phone and other mobile USB chargeable devices directly using the sun.

Simply place the panel towards the sun and connect your mobile device, with the USB cable supplied with your mobile device, at one of the 2 USB out ports of the Camel. Now you are ready to charge.

Design features:

  • Charge mobile phones
  • Charge powerbanks
  • Includes two suction cups for attaching to windows
  • 2 x USB 5V output
  • Charge two devices at the same time

Do you want to turn your powerbank into a solar powered powerbank? Use the Camel for this job. Simply connect the powerbank with one of the 2 USB out ports and charge your powerbank. With the Camel you can create your own small (emergency) energy supply. 

Price: £27.95

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UK Delivery: £5.75

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