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Storm Kettle Accessories

A range of accessories for use with our Storm Kettles.

Get more out of your Storm Kettle with one or more of these handy accessories. Choose from:

  • Cook Kit
  • Pan Support
  • Tripod

Cook Kit

The cook kit comprises of a frying pan, a saucepan, a clip on handle and a two part grid that enables the pans to sit over a Storm Kettle's heat source.

Now you can cook a quick breakfast as well as making the tea using the same efficient heat source!

Additional fuel should then be added as required to heat one pan at a time. Use the clip on handle when boiling or frying.

Transferring hot water left in the kettle to the saucepan is the most fuel efficient way of getting the pan boiling.

Pan Support

The Storm Kettle’s pan support ring is placed on the top neck of the kettle allowing a cook kit saucepan to stand comfortably on it.

Heat escaping from the kettle's chimney is now no longer wasted; it warms the saucepan at the same time. To refuel the Storm Kettle, just remove the saucepan leaving the pan support in place, refuel and then replace the pan.

A great time and fuel saving addition!


The Storm Kettle tripod is a great accessory to have and provides extra stability on uneven ground when you want a refreshing cup of tea or cooking dinner.

The Storm Kettle's base fits into the tripod making it easier to set the kettle vertically and the pan support fits in too.

Take it on camping or walking trips or on days out to the beach.


Price: £17.50

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UK Delivery: £5.75

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