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Traveller Stove Flue Kit - 500

Flue kits for the Traveller stove with 500mm flue sections.

Each kit comes with 4 x 500mm flue sections. Then you can either choose from:

  • Stainless Steel Cowl
  • Spark Arrestor

These flue sections have a diameter of 100mm which make them a perfect fit for the Traveller Stove. The flues are made of carbon steel coated with high temperature black paint. .


The stainless steel cowl has a 4" diameter and fits the flues perfectly.

It is designed to be fitted to the top of the flue to prevent rain, moisture and debris from falling into your stove.  

Spark Arrestor                          

Made from carbon steel, the spark arrestor offers you an extra bit of safety when using your stove installed in a canvas shelter. 

The spark arrestor attaches to the top section of flue on the Traveller stove that is positioned outside your shelter. 

It has a mid-range wire mesh to catch any stray embers or debris that may escape up the flue preventing them from scorching the material.

It even has 3 eyelets at the base so you can use guy ropes to stabilize it in high winds.

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Price: £120.00

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