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Tree Fern

Dicksonia antarctica

We have alternatives to potted dicksonia’s which look brilliant, as well as potted tree ferns. Tree fern trunks are available here.

Dicksonia antarctica is hardy to -5°c so will need wrapping and careful protection from frosts in more exposed or Northern gardens. The fern will thrive and do well in moist, sheltered gardens and is happy in dappled shade, in wooded areas too.

It is an evergreen fern, and slow growing. They are a wonderful addition to a shaded spot in your garden, but think about placement as they grow rather big! The fern can take up to 50 years to reach its potential height, but in more favourable, temperate climates this can be 20 years.

Water very well before planting.


Native to:
Eventual height:
4 m
Eventual width:
2 m
Full-half hardy
Partial-full shade
Any moisture retentive soil


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Water the stem in summer and protect the crown from severe frost in winter.

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