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Truffle Trees - Hazel

UK grown hazel truffle tree inoculated with rare native British summer truffle spores. (corylus avellana inoculated with tuber aestivum var. uncinatum).

A hazel tree is a wonderful addition to any garden. It’s great for hedging as they’re native, thereby encouraging native wildlife, and can be grown to any height up to 15 metres. Their leaves provide good coverage, with beautiful ‘lambstail’ blossom in February.

These blossoms are an early source of pollen, so are welcomed by bee keepers each year. In the autumn you can enjoy the delicious nuts they bear. The benefit of buying this hazel tree is that as they’ve been inoculated with a certain fungus, you can harvest your own truffles after roughly four years.

Truffles are a real delicacy and are treasured by foodies around the world. They are notoriously difficult to forage for in the wild, with farmers training their pigs to discover this exclusive ingredient. Because of the lengths gone to finding each truffle, they are often sold in auctions and have been known to reach up to £165,000 for one truffle. Buying a hazel tree that grows truffles, means you can enrich your food with this sought-after flavour without any additional cost. Therefore, this tree is fantastic value for money.

So what are truffles? They are a type of fungus that comes in many different species. They grow by trees and come in different colours and sizes, often resembling knobbly potato-like shapes. Their pungent, aromatic flavour is slightly reminiscent of garlic but you don’t need to use very much – a little goes a long way. The type of truffle this hazel tree has been inoculated with is known as the ‘summer truffle.’ It’s often found in warm European countries and is known for its pale hazel colour and mellow flavour. You can harvest them from May to August.

How do you cook with truffles?

  • Stir into pasta
  • Shave over vegetables
  • Grate onto scrambled eggs
  • Add a little to gravy
  • Enhance beefy flavours
  • Infuse into oil and drizzle over salads

You can store truffles in a rice canister or with salt, which will gently permeate all that wonderful flavour. This gift is perfect for someone who enjoys cooking and eating good food. There aren’t many foodies out there who wouldn’t light up at the sight of a truffle; therefore having their own truffle producing tree would be an utter delight. It would also make a lovely present for gardeners, as this hazel tree is a wonderful conversation starter. After all, not many trees produce expensive treats!

The best thing about it is that these hazel truffle trees are easy to grow. Anyone can grow them pretty much anywhere. They tolerate both acidic and chalky soil, damp sites and in deep shade.

Price: £30.00

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UK Delivery: £5.75
The tree is bare root, between 15cm. Along with your hazel seedling, you will also receive a booklet explaining exactly how to harvest and care for your tree.

How your gift makes a difference

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Our projects range from gardening schemes for the disabled or the homeless through to wild play schemes that help young kids reconnect with the world around them.

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