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Wildflower Seedboms

We have worked closely with our suppliers to create these awesome Eden seedboms. There are 4 different varieties for you to choose from.

Not only do they bring colour to your forgotten back garden, window sill or plant pot but they are made from completely recycled products (apart from the seeds!).

Just follow these three basic steps:

Soak it – charge the seedbom by placing it in water until soaked (or let the rain do it!)

Throw it – Find an area of neglected land to throw (or drop) your seedbom. Never throw your seedbom without the landowner’s permission.

Grow it – individual growing instructions are on each seedbom. 

They are great fun for children or for adding little bits of colour and wildlife to different parts of a neglected space. They can grow their own and enjoy the bumble bees and insects that they attract. 

We think they look fabulous together in a big pot, or how about taking an old pair of wellies and throwing your bomb in there?

Cornflower Fieldbom

Have a cornflower field day! Seedbom contains cornflower seeds. It is a rich blue wildflower which is now endangered but was once common in cornfields across the land. Be part of it and help bring it back.

Pollinator Beebom

Join the fight to save the bees! Seedbom contains bee friendly mix of nectar rich wildflowers which are favoured by bumble bees and honey bees.


The featherbom is the ultimate seedbom. It has a unique mix of wildflowers in it to feed and attract butterflies and bees during the summer months, and then produces seeds and grains to feed birds during the colder winter months. That's why this seedbom would definitely create a feeding frenzy!

Butterfly Bom

Bring on the butterflies! This seedbom contains a mix of wildflower seeds full of nectar perfect for attracting and feeding butterflies in your garden. Help to promote butterfly populations.

They are all handmade in the UK from recycled and biodegradable materials, and you can sometimes see the little bits of newspaper in them. The packaging is made from 95% pre and post-consumer recycled waste, and is also printed using vegetable based inks. There is no glue used in the process.

Size: 55mm (w) x 85mm (h)
Weight: 0.05kg

Price: £3.50

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UK Delivery: £5.75

Gift wrapping available on this product

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This product is available for gift wrapping and will be delivered in an Eden Project jute bag
with a tag.

Gardening for good

The Eden Project is an educational charity. The money you spend in our shop helps to fund our social and environmental projects.

For example, our horticultural apprenticeship scheme is training individuals up to be professional horticulturists, helping to remedy the UK's real shortage of skilled gardeners.

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