Brightly coloured, smooth and tactile animals made from bamboo, a sustainable alternative to plastic. Create your very own jungle with these adorable animals. Watch out though - some are a little snappy!

Choose from an alligator, monkey, gorilla, giraffe, hippo, rhino, tiger, zebra or elephant.


Bamboo is a highly sustainable material as it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet. It’s harvestable in 3 years, and after harvesting bamboo naturally replenishes itself.

Age: from 24 months

Animal Facts


Renowned for being a bit grumpy and bad tempered the alligator is native to the USA and China and is not to be confused with a crocodile. Alligators can reach lengths of up to 4m and weigh up to 790lbs.


Giraffes are the tallest land mammal and can grow to as high as 20’, with an average male weighing around 3,500lbs! Giraffes have one of the most distinctive coat patterns, with 9 sub-species. Native to Africa, they range from Chad in the north, Somalia in the East, South Africa in the south and Niger in the west.


Hippopotamus’ (which translates as ‘River Horse’) are considered to be the most dangerous animal on the planet. With more people being attacked by these than any other animal! They can weigh between 1Ѕ & 3 tonnes and have been clocked reaching speeds of up to 19mph.


Easily recognisable by their size and the large horns on their heads, rhinos are one of the main attractions on an African safari and are known as one of the ‘Big 5’. The rhino is broken down into 5 species – 2 native to Africa and 3 to Southern Asia.


The largest of the cat species and the 3rd largest land carnivore (behind the polar bear and brown bear) the tiger can be found patrolling the jungles of Asia. The largest of the tiger species is the Siberian which can grow to a body length of 91in, with their tails being as long as 43in. They can also reach weights of up to 500lbs.


Native to Africa, Zebra's are most recognisable by their distinctive stripes. This makes hiding from predators easier as from a distance their outline is harder to see. They can grow to be 1.3m tall and weigh around 770lbs.


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