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About us

About our shop

The Eden Project is a global garden; a place of beauty and wonder which explores humankind’s dependence on the natural world. Our world famous architecture and art draws inspiration from nature, our educational work is about creating positive futures, and we try to ensure that everyone who visits here leaves knowing something more about their connections to the world.

That's the big stuff… Eden is also about simple pleasures, enjoying great food, rediscovering what puts the great into the great outdoors, taking time to stop and smell the flowers.

And that goes for our shop too.

Our customers care deeply about the big stuff and want to use their purchasing power to make a difference – but know this doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy simple pleasures too.

From creating a beautiful garden, trying to reduce your carbon footprint, kitting out your children in funky clothes made from organic cotton or eating the best local produce, our shop has it all, everything you’d expect from the Eden Project – and lots of stuff you wouldn’t!

Our products are a bit like the Eden Project itself: beautiful, educational, inspiring – painting the bigger picture, helping make a difference where we can.