Panela raw cane sugar from Colombia.

Use this panela sugar with our drinking chocolate bar for a truly indulgent, fairly-traded, hot chocolate.

Panela is a natural and healthier form of sweetener to use in place of other sugars. Use for baking cakes, muffins and flapjacks. 

What is panela?

Panela is a block of pure, totally unrefined whole cane sugar, made sustainably in Colombia from organic sugarcane, produced in the same traditional ways as it has been for generations. This makes it one of the most wholesome and pure foods around.

As there is no chemical process involved, the panela retains its essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and even protein (more than five times the minerals of unrefined brown sugar).

Its unique method of production gives it a mild but naturally fruity toffee flavour which is superb for baking and sweetening food and hot drinks and making Colombia’s favourite, aguapanela with fresh lime juice. Panela’s main constituent, fructose, also has a much higher biological value to the body than sucrose, the main component of brown and refined sugar.

From sugar cane to sugar

Freshly harvested sugar cane is pressed in small Colombia family fun farmsteads called ‘trapiches’, and the organic cane juice is squeezed out, cold filtered and boiled down in a giant cauldron over a fire using the dried sugarcane husks as fuel.

It is reduced down until it produces a thick caramel-like consistency whereupon it is poured into square moulds to set. The product becomes compact and solid and is considered by many as a ‘super-food’. The complete process is hygienic, untouched by hands, and most importantly 100% chemical-free!

Size: 500g


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