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Buyers guide to... Food pairing


Food pairing

We're all huge food fanatics here, and love nothing more than enjoying a nice glass of wine over dinner. Whether you're cooking for friends and want to push the boat out with a bottle of bubbly, or whether you fancy savouring a glass of red on a rainy Sunday, while your stew blips away on the stove, sometimes it's worth putting in some extra thought into the contents of your glass. Here are some ideas to help you enjoy the best food wine combinations.


As far as sparkling wine goes, you can’t beat Eden Brut. This traditional made sparkling wine is produced a stones throw away from the Eden Project at our neighbouring winery Knightor. Displaying elegant fruit flavours along with subtle complexity and is produced exclusively to the Eden Project. Enjoy this fruity fresh sparkle with our marinated olives inspired by the citrus fruits growing in our Mediterranean Biome, and our kiln roasted nuts.


Roast beef needs a full-bodied, robust red wine to stand up to the big dark flavours of the meat. This red wine from the Southern French coast has an intense ruby red colour with notes of spices and jam black fruits. Sweet tannins, rich on the palate with a vibrant finish. It works beautifully with roast beef, especially with a big dollop of the ultimate black pepper mustard on the side.

Oily fish

A crisp white wine is the best choice for oily fish like mackerel. Choose one with a light acidity, which cuts through the oiliness of the fish. This organic white wine has been grown just off the Mediterranean coast, which is a clue that it'll be great paired with dishes from that region like mackerel. Serve a chilled glass of this wine with grilled mackerel and a fresh salad.


Polgoon Vineyard’s Cornish Bacchus white wine has a nose of fresh spring grass, gooseberry and elderflower, with an aromatic palate full of tropical fruit and peach flavours. It makes an ideal pairing for crisp salads with goats’ cheese or Cornish shellfish, particularly crab, mussels and young vegetables such as peas and asparagus.

Spicy fish dishes

A cool, refreshing rosé works very well with spicy fish dishes. That's why it's often the tipple of choice for Thai food. The fruitiness of the rosé works very well with the tangy sauce and the heat of the chilli.


The ideal tipple for after dinner drinks! This beautiful Cornish spirit made with Peruvian cocoa nibs, offers sophisticated, smooth chocolate tasting vodka ideal for enjoying with dessert or in a cocktail.