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Buyers guide to... Kids who like to explore outdoors


Kids who like to explore outdoors

Kids loving getting outside and exploring nature, and we've got a range of kits, toys and games to help them discover more. Have a look at what we've picked out for adventurous kids, as tried and tested by our own children.

Get up close with creepy crawlies

Help kids get up and close with the insect world by providing little bug homes in the garden. Our mini bug box is a great way to look after bugs over winter. It comes with a 16 page booklet to teach children how to observe and care for different types of insect. Or why not attract ladybirds to the garden with this kids ladybird log. Kids will love watching them nestle into the log and you'll love them eating your garden pests!

Kids Den Kit

This den kit contains everything you need to get lost in a world of adventure, where the wild things lurk in the shadows, and Ben 10 is king. With its tarpaulin, groundsheet, mallet, tent pegs, rope, mug and camouflage paint, this hide out kit provides everything for young adventurers to create their very own secret den.

Cool, hard wearing clothes

For kids who enjoy climbing trees, getting caked in mud and skidding on grass you’ll need to buy clothes that are durable enough to stand up to this battering. These t-shirts are made out of 100% organic cotton, so they’re not only super soft and comfortable, they’re also hard wearing to. Choose from a daisy and dragonfly or landtrain design, both in a variety of colours.

Bug Safari

Let the kids loose in your back garden to see what they can find hiding amongst the undergrowth. This bug safari, specially designed by naturalist Nick Baker contains all the equipment for learning all about creepy crawlies. This fantastic kit includes a magnifying pot, tweezers, bug tongs and much more. A fun and educational way of encouraging kids to get excited and up close with nature in the comfort of your own garden, or even out on an advnture for the day.

Triop World

Grow amazing pond monsters in the comfort of your own home with Triop World. TV presenter and nature expert Nick Baker has created this speciality kit to explore these freaky creatures. The kit contains: a tank & lid, Triop Eggs, Triop food, a pipette and sand. All you need is to add water to the packet of ‘dirt’ which comes with the kit and watch these fascinating creatures grow before your eyes. A hands- on guide is included to help you observe and study the life cycle of these Triassic creatures. A fun and informative gift for kids of all ages.

Scramble net

Use the scramble net in the garden as a fun way to climb trees or reach a tree house, put on the ground for part of an assault course or for the really adventurous suspend above a boggy area!