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Buyers guide to... Toys for kids


Toys for kids

We had great fun testing out our vast range of toys for kids, games and activities to make sure we love them first. It’s all very well selling sustainable and ethical products, they have to be exciting first and foremost and I’m sure you’ll agree – these definitely have the wow factor.

Kids den kit

This den kit contains everything you need to get lost in a world of adventure, where the wild things lurk in the shadows, and Ben 10 is king. With its tarpaulin, groundsheet, mallet, tent pegs, rope, mug and camouflage paint, this hide out kit provides everything for young adventurers to create their very own secret den.

Kids books

We've got all sorts of books to keep kids entertained for hours. Our buyers choose books that are beautifully illustrated, have a valuable message and most importantly - are fun! For light hearted introductions to environmental issues, have a look at The Big Green Book. Kids who like to explore and get outside would love A Little Guide to Wild Flowers.

Bamboo Jungle Animals

Start your very own zoo at home with these loveable jungle animals made from bamboo. With eight to choose from including: a Zebra, Tiger, Rhino, Monkey, Hippo, Giraffe, Gorilla or Alligator we just can’t decide. These adorable animals make great stoking fillers or small gifts for young children.

Lip Balm Kit

Lip balm and chocolate, what more could a girl want? With this handy little kit you can create your own chocolate flavoured lip balm made with real chocolate! The kit contains everything you need to make your own lip balm including labels you can customise, 4 little pots, a wooden stirrer & measuring beaker, bio – degradable gift bags made from corn and a gorgeous ribbon. The kit also comes with all natural ingredients to make your luscious lip balm including: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter and 70% dark Belgian chocolate for that chocolaty taste.

Triop World

Grow amazing pond monsters in the comfort of your own home with Triop World. TV presenter and nature expert Nick Baker has created this speciality kit to explore these freaky creatures. The kit contains: a tank & lid, Triop Eggs, Triop food, a pipette and sand. All you need is to add water to the packet of ‘dirt’ which comes with the kit and watch these fascinating creatures grow before your eyes. A hands- on guide is included to help you observe and study the life cycle of these Triassic creatures. A fun and informative gift for kids of all ages.