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Buyers guide to... Small gardens


Small gardens

Whether you have a small patio, decking, a roof-top garden or a balcony, you can still create your own mini haven to be proud of. We've got plenty of space saver ideas for a lush, productive space - even if you only have a shady garden path to contend with!

Fun Plant Pots

Not sure on what sort of plant to buy someone, well why not purchase one of our colourful, fun metal planters. These simply designed pots will make plants stand out and look great in any garden. If you’re short of space or not lucky enough to have a garden these pots are ideal for doorsteps or windowsills inside and out and with their wooden handles they’re great to pick up and pop down somewhere new. Choose from two sizes small and medium and an array of bold colours including red, green, purple, cream and turquoise. At under £10, it’s an idea gift for anyone that wants to liven there plants up or can be used as great little storage pots.

Attract the birds and the bees

Every garden has bees and bugs and with our bee and bug house you can provide a shelter and home for them in your own garden. A fantastic way for children and adults to learn more about the wildlife that lives in their back garden or a great gift for budding gardeners who want to attract ladybirds and lacewings to help keep their plants healthy and whole. You’ll also get a packet of wildflower seeds to help attract lots of bees and insects to this buzzing bug hotel. It’s a bug’s life! Or how about adding a bird ball, so your garden flutters with movement. The clever design means that small birds like tits, sparrows, finches and woodpeckers can get the food from inside, but it's out of reach from the elements and opportunist squirrels. We love the elegance of these bird balls - they come in three pastel colours that complement British flora and fauna beautifully.

Utilise every space and grow along the walls

Climbing plants are great to make the most of wall space in the garden. Climbing hydrangeas stay flowering for a long time, which will make your small garden come to life.