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Buyers guide to... Early years and primary school gardening essentials


Early years and primary school gardening essentials

Gardening with children is great fun. They love the anticipation of seeds germinating into beautiful flowers, delicious fruit and vegetables and bee-attracting plants. Teach children how to care for plants and what they need to grow by rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck in. Whether you've only got a shady garden path or a little decking - we've got everything you need here to plant a few seeds and grow your own at home.

Attract butterflies to the garden

Butterflies are intriguingly beautiful and fascinating creatures. Did you know that many butterflies can taste with their feet? And there are up to 24,000 varieties? Fill your garden with colourful butterflies so children can admire their delicate beauty. They can be surprisingly tame and perch quite happily on clothes or hair, giving an opportunity to see them closer. Our butterfly and moth habitat feeder provides a home for these interesting insects. The feed tray has an ultra-violet paint only visible to butterflies, which encourages them to come closer.

Educational solitary bee nester

Our educational solitary beehive allows the study of solitary bee behaviour. These bees are non-aggressive and ideal subjects to teach children about the vital role of pollinators. Designed to be appealing to children, the habitat looks like a house with its painted apex roof and water-based paint finish. The roof overhang serves to shelter the entrance of the different habitats below.

Give children their own veg patch

Encourage children to grow their own food so they find out exactly where it comes from. You don't need a massive garden or allotment to let them get involved - buy a brightly coloured square veg patch! The sense of responsibility children will get from these planting beds will be incredibly motivating, as they'll know that this square of earth is entirely theirs. And it's best for your garden, as you don't need to dig anything up for them to get started! The square foot gardens are perfect for tiny gardens, patios or balconies. And because they're made out of recycled plastic and old computers, they're not only bright and tough, they also tell the valuable story of recycling.

Insect study centre

Our insect study centre is a large scale, interactive centre that provides a range of valuable habitats for the study of a variety of beneficial insects like moths, solitary bees and ladybirds. Great for the garden or for schools as an education tool in teaching children the importance of pollinators.

Outdoor children's veg table 180 litres

The perfect height for children, allowing them to garden without getting too dirty or digging up your plants! The children’s veg table is ideal for introducing children aged 3 and above to the pleasure of growing their own vegetables and learning about healthy eating. Many children’s veg tables have been bought by primary schools as part of the school growing initiative.

Wildflower seedbombs

Not only do they bring colour to your forgotten back garden, window sill or plant pot but they are made from completely recycled materials (apart from the seeds!). These seedboms are great fun for children or for adding little bits of colour and wildlife to different parts of a neglected space. Grow your own and enjoy the bumble bees and insects that they attract.