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Buy what you believe

Buy What You Believe

Our products are a bit like the Eden Project itself, beautiful, educational, inspiring - painting the bigger picture, helping make a difference where we can.

Our buying team has taken the worry out of shopping, by making all those tricky ethical choices for you. Everything you see in our shop is either recycled, fairly traded, made of plants, locally sourced, or helps promote sustainable living. And everything has a story to tell.

Things made of plants

At Eden we like to reconnect people with nature and remind them how much we all rely on plants. So it seems only right that we should showcase the amazing things they are used for. If manufactured in a sustainable way, natural products can have a lower environmental impact than stuff created from virgin plastic or metal. Our kitchenware range is made of bamboo, a fast-growing, endlessly renewable resource. It thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilisers, absorbing greenhouse gases as it grows.

Fairly traded goods

Eden looks for goods where workers are treated with respect, fairly paid, properly equipped and given access to education and medical care. Fairly traded products also mean minimum environmental standards are adhered to. While not every company we buy from has yet achieved fairtrade status, we are happy to work with them on the journey there.

Recycled products

Buying recycled means that fewer minerals have to be extracted from the ground, fewer ancient forests are in danger of being chopped down and there are fewer precious materials deteriorating in a landfill site. It also helps boost the market for this type of thing – because there's no point in everyone recycling if no one's buying the stuff!

Products that promote sustainable living

We like to sell things that help people live happier, greener, more active lifestyles. For example, our reusable jute bags encourage people to refuse plastic bags when they're out shopping; the hard-wearing flasks we sell are designed to be used again and again in place of plastic mineral water bottles; wind-up torches remind people how precious energy is.

Local goods

Our commitment to local sourcing helps to reduce carbon emissions from transport, boost local livelihoods and is a way of sharing our own success with the local community.

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