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Truffle Trees- Oak

Quercus robur innoculated with Tuber aestivum/uncinatum

UK grown oak tree inoculated with rare native British summer truffle spores (quercus robur inoculated with tuber aestivum).

A great present in itself, these British grown oak trees will arrive over a year old. A mighty oak tree will grow for years into a majestic addition to the garden. It’s a good tree for shade and coverage.

These deciduous trees have jagged leaves and a thick, bumpy bark and produce acorns as fruit. But what makes this tree even better is that they have also been cultivated to grow truffles, so they’ll not only look beautiful but also produce a wonderfully rare culinary ingredient. Truffles are among the most expensive and prized delicacies on the planet, even reaching up to £150,000 for one truffle. With this oak tree, you can enjoy over 50 years of home grown truffles without any additional cost. This tree is therefore great value for money.

So what are truffles?

A truffle is a type of fungus that grows into a knobbly potato-like shape. They taste delicious with a strong aromatic flavour, so a little goes a long way. Therefore you would use them sparingly in cooking. This particular species of truffle (summer truffle) is often found in Mediterranean countries and known for its pale hazel colour and mellow flavour. You can harvest them from May to August.

How do you cook with truffles?

  • Stir into pasta
  • Shave over vegetables
  • Grate onto scrambled eggs
  • Add a little to gravy
  • Enhance beef flavours
  • Infuse into oil and drizzle over salads

You can store truffles in a rice canister or with salt, which will gently permeate all that wonderful flavour. This gift is perfect for someone who enjoys cooking and eating good food. There aren’t many foodies out there who wouldn’t light up at the sight of a truffle; therefore having their own truffle producing tree would be an utter delight. It would also make a lovely present for gardeners, as this oak tree is a wonderful conversation starter. After all, not many trees produce expensive treats! The best thing about it is that these oak truffle trees are easy to grow. Anyone can grow them.

It’s a good idea to cage the sapling once planted outdoors, simply to protect them from rabbits and other animals that could nibble it away. Once established, these trees will grow easily without assistance. Allow for good drainage, and avoid landscaping too near the tree. You don’t need to prune oaks, unless you’re removing dead branches. Overall, this is the perfect choice for people who want a low-maintenance garden.

The tree is bare root, between 15cm and 30cm and is about a year old when delivered. They produce truffles from years 4-7 from planting. Oak trees will produce truffles for up to 50 years.

Native to:
Eventual height:
20 m
Eventual width:
15 m


UK Delivery Only

Price: £30.00

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UK Delivery: £5.75

Further information

Along with your seedling, you will also receive a booklet explaining exactly how to harvest and care for your tree.

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