Accessible car parking

Accessible parking spaces are available in car parks Apple 1 and 2 and Banana to those visiting by car with a clearly displayed disabled Blue badge. You will be directed to park in the larger accessible bays in the car parks nearest the entrance. Alternatively, there is a drop-off area in the Apple 1 car park. If you are not a Blue badge holder but would benefit from accessible parking, please ask a car park steward on arrival.

Please note the park-and-ride buses do not run from these car parks. To get to the visitor entrance from Apple 1 accessible parking drop-off point you will need to take the path down, which is 75 metres at mainly 1:18 with a short section at 1:10. 

Accessing and leaving the Link building

Accessible route to the Link building - Once through the ticketing area in the Visitor Centre you have several options for getting down to the Link building. There is a route down the zigzag path, which is a continuous 1:18 gradient path with landings at each end. You can also go over the bridge on your right as you exit the Visitor Centre, and down in the lift, which will bring you out by the Core building. You can then go down a short slope around the cafe terrace to the main path; this is 30 metres at 1:15 gradient. You can also go through the Core building using another lift to get to ground level, and exit the building on to the main path. It is then a flat, level route to the Link building..


We offer a range of free wheelchairs for visitors who need them. All of our wheelchairs, including the power chairs, are rated up to 133kg/21 stone. We have a limited number of power chairs available so it is advisable to book – please contact our Access Eden Help Desk on 01726 818895 or email


No animals are allowed on site for this event, with the exception of registered assistance dogs.  We have doggy bins at various locations across Eden and we ask owners to ensure their dogs use mulched areas for weeing, not grassed areas. Water is available for dogs in various locations across the Eden site.


The Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes will be closed whilst this event is running.

Cash machine

There’s an ATM that’s free to use in the Visitor Centre, next to the pre-paid ticket desk.

Crime prevention

All valuable items should be kept with you at all times. Do not leave them unattended.


In an emergency please contact the nearest member of Security or a Steward for help. When you get to Eden, please familiarise yourself with the site and our facilities.

Facilities and access

As you enter the area known as the Street you will see a long covered walkway. On the left are toilets and a cash machine and on the right is the Visitor Centre. This all has flat, level access.

In the Visitor Centre you will find the ticketing desks, where registration will take place. If you need to borrow a wheelchair or would like assistance from an Access volunteer, please see a steward in the Visitor Centre.

First aid

If you are in need of any medical assistance, please contact a member of Eden staff and they will be happy to help.

Food and drink

Food and drink will be available to buy including a pay bar. 

We operate a Challenge 25 policy, so please do not be offended if we ask you for proof of age when you buy alcohol. Forms of ID we accept: Driving Licence, Passport.

Anyone who brings alcohol into the site will be asked to surrender it and it will be returned to you when you leave.

Left luggage, lockers and lost property

You can leave your suitcases or rucksacks in our lockers situated in the Banana Coach Park and at the park-and-ride drop off. All you need is a £1 coin, which you’ll get back.

If you lose any property, please give the details to a steward who will then pass it on to the lost property department. 

Mobile phone reception

Mobile phone reception is good throughout the site on most networks, though there are some blind spots and reception can be disrupted when the site is busy. If you encounter difficulty getting mobile reception and need to make a call, please contact a steward who will be able to assist.


All toilets on site are easily accessible and each location includes a dedicated accessible cubicle. 



The Eden Project, just outside St Austell, is well signposted from both the A30 from Exeter and the A391/390 from Plymouth. If you’re coming from outside Cornwall, take the M5 southbound to Exeter, where the motorway splits. Take the A30 and continue until you reach the Innis Downs junction (A391) from which Eden is well signposted. Get more help with directions here.

Public transport

Buses to the Eden Project operate during the day from St Austell Station and Newquay. For times please call the Traveline on 0871 200 2233. 

Bike racks

If you arrive by bike, please lock it to one of our cycle racks in Banana Coach Park. We do not provide cycle locks, so please ensure you bring your own.

Car parking

Eden has two entrances known as the ‘North’ and ‘East’ gates. Whichever entrance you enter through you just need to follow the road and a car parking steward will direct you to a space. If you have a disabled Blue badge, please ensure that this is clearly displayed to allow you to park closer.

Eden has a very large car parking area. Each car park is clearly named after a fruit to help visitors remember where they parked. Some of the car parks are a long walk from the visitor entrance; this is often not so much of a problem on the way down but can be difficult on the way back up. See information on accessible car parking under the ‘Access for disabled people’. There is no charge for car parking.