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‘The Garden of Eden’ silent auction

This limited-edition hand-embellished print, of the very special oil painting entitled ‘Garden of Eden’ and inspired by Eden’s signature wildflower mix, could be yours.

The print, donated by contemporary artist Yvonne Coomber, is being auctioned online, with all proceeds going to the National Wildflower Centre.


'Garden of Eden' limited-edition hand-embellished print by Yvonne Coomber

More about the print and artist

This is a hand-embellished printed canvas; a limited edition of one of fifty, measuring 90cm x 120cm. Created using fine craftsmanship and state of the art technology, the inkjet pigments are completely lightfast. The canvas is stretched onto a robust wooden frame, strung and ready to hang, titled and signed on the reverse of the canvas.

Yvonne has had a lifelong love affair with wildflowers. Being an ambassador for wildflowers is an essential aspect of Yvonne’s practise, and she collaborates with a number of charities, institutions, and businesses with a joint mission to raise awareness of the importance of wildflowers.

Eden’s signature wildflower mix was developed with the National Wildflower Centre and features corn chamomile, cornflower, corn marigold, corn poppy, musk mallow, ox-eye daisy, red campion, wild carrot, and viper’s bugloss. It was this mix that inspired Yvonne’s painting. She visited Eden’s wildflower meadows in the early days of the project to photograph, sketch, and connect with the wildflowers before putting paint to canvas. Yvonne has a unique process to painting her artworks, always working outside with the elements influencing the final painting, and pouring her heart and soul into each piece.

More about the auction

A close up of the wildflowers at the the Eden Project

National Wildflower Centre

The National Wildflower Centre’s purpose is to bring biodiversity, delight and colour into the lives of communities across the UK. They use creative conservation to develop new wildflower landscapes in partnership with communities, businesses, local and parish councils and other NGOs, and run conservation projects that bring threatened species back from the brink.


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