Introductory talks for groups

From clay pit to world-famous visitor attraction – learn how the story unfolded with new introductory talks exclusively for groups. The pre-booked 20-minute talk will provide an invaluable insight into the history of Eden and the amazing plants you’ll discover when you continue your journey around the Biomes.

A minimum of four working days' notice will be required on tour requests.

  • Additional cost - £1 per person
  • Subject to availability - minimum charge £20

Group guided tours

If you would like your group to get even more from their visit we can request a tour with members of our Guide Team for an overview of the Eden Project and the stories that inspired it. 

Each tour lasts for one hour. See below for further information on the fantastic tours on offer. 

All tours are subject to availability and a minimum of four working days' notice will be required on tour requests. 

Additional cost

  • £3 per person - minimum charge £60

The Outdoor Garden

Covering 13 hectares, 15 years ago this was a barren landscape 15m below the water table with no level ground, no soil and no plants. Today you can discover crops that provide foods, fuels, medicines and materials in the Biome that has the sky for a roof.

The Mediterranean Biome

Explore the sights, scents and stories of the Mediterranean, South Africa and California through plants such as citrus, olives, herbs and vines, South African proteas and aloes and Californian annuals, poppies and lupins.

The Rainforest Biome

Experience the tallest rainforest in captivity as you stroll through the steamy jungles of Malaysia, West Africa and South America. Plants and crops in the Rainforest Biome include bananas, coffee, mahogany and a range of epiphytic plants. 


Pre-order ten or more guide books and purchase them on arrival at the reduced rate of £5 (R.R.P £6). This will help your group make the most of their day and is also a great souvenir for your visitors.

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