The Eden Project is planning to reopen on 17 May 2021, subject to the latest Government guidance. Timed entry tickets for 17 May onwards are available to pre-book online. Our online shop remains open.

Bring a water bottle

We have lots of taps around our site, offering free Cornish tap water. Bring a bottle to fill this up, or visit our Shop in the Visitor Centre to buy something you can reuse again and again.

Help us recycle

While you’re here, help us sort your waste into the right places – you’ll see our recycling stations with clear labels on. We’ve even have a separate collection for coffee cups, which are turned into brilliant recycled products. And our food waste gets transformed into compost for our plants. 

Try a meat-free day

If you’re trying to reduce your meat intake, we’ve got plenty of vegetarian and vegan options in our cafés and restaurants too. 

Green your travel

Visit us by bus, train, bike or on foot. We're well connected to beautiful bridleways and cycle paths

Charge your electric car while you're here

Charge your electric car here at the Eden Project while you visit. Find out about the electric car charging points in our cark parks. 

Car share to see us

How about car sharing to the Eden Project? Visit the Liftshare website or check out Cornwall’s very own version, The Pasty Connection. 

Use your wallet as your weapon

While you’re here, check out the ethical goods on sale in our Shop, from wildflower seeds to eco-cleaning products through to carefully sourced gifts. We’ve an online Shop too, so you can shop with us from home.

Recycle your old gardening tools with us

Drop off your broken or unwanted garden hand-tools here at the Eden Project, where they’ll be collected for refurbishment in local prisons and passed on to school and community gardens. Or you can join the scheme nationwide. Find out more.

Make the change when you get home 

If you’re inspired by your visit to the Eden Project and the things you learn, why not make a few simple changes to your daily life? Get ideas from our top tips for fighting climate change and biodiversity loss.

Find out how we’re doing our bit at the Eden Project.