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A close up of two cork pig sculptures on the ground

Pigs and Stork

Find these life-sized pigs made out of cork oak bark rooting around the cork oak trees in our Mediterranean Biome.


Heather Jansch

Heather Jansch
Pigs and stork

In the wild, cork oak wood pastures provide a home for Iberian pigs and a variety of bird species. Heather Jansch decided to create life-size sculptures of these creatures out of the very cork that sustains them in the real world. Look up to see the stork nesting high underneath the Biomes.

A close up image of the cork pig sculptures

A close up of one of the cork pigs which can be seen through the grass

Heather Jansch's trip to meet cork farmers

Heather Jansch travelled to meet the cork farmers, collect cork and hear their stories before making the little cork pigs. Heather, who has a huge collection of local driftwood, also made the Driftwood Horses in the Visitor Centre. 

For more information visit Heather Jansch's website


Heather Jansch

“I love the unexpected shapes of driftwood combined with the texture of natural cork and seeing happy pigs feasting on acorns in the beautiful ancient Cork Oak Forests. Us wine lovers can help save those forests simply by choosing real corks in place of their synthetic substitutes.”

Cork oaks growing at Eden

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