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Citrus plants growing in Eden's Mediterranean Biome

Monroe tells the fascinating story of how citrus plants can produce some interesting hybrids.

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In our citrus grove you’ll find oranges, grapefruits, lemons, citrons and even the Buddha’s hand, a fruit segmented into finger-like sections.

Citrus fruits are grown throughout the Mediterranean, but Florida and California are actually the biggest commercial growers of citrus fruits, where the trees are cultivated in irrigated terraces.

Did you know?

  • The citrus family is fond of breeding. Clementines are a cross between mandarins and bitter Seville oranges, and tangelos are the offspring of tangerines and grapefruits.
  • The enormous fruits of the citron can weigh up to 2.5kg. They look juicy, but they actually just have a very thick rind.
  • Citrus oils are used in flavourings, cleaning products, anti-bacterial agents and as CFC substitutes.