Eden Kitchen

We offer delicious carrot and beetroot fritters, chargrilled lemon chicken, all served with Eden grown salad. For a lighter bite, try our Eden-made soup with gluten-free bread (please ask for gluten-free bread when ordering). Find out more about the Eden Kitchen.

Eden Cantina

Here we offer gluten-free tortilla wraps for burritos and tacos, or if you'd prefer we can prepare a 'naked burrito' – a burrito without the tortilla wrap – alongside a Central American-style black bean dish with corn on the cob and roasted plantain. Find out more about the Eden Cantina.

Coffee House

Our Coffee House in the Visitor Centre serves up Eden-made soup with gluten-free bread (please ask for gluten-free bread when ordering), plus a range of scrumptious gluten-free cakes. Find out more about the Coffee House.

Med Terrace

Here in the Med Biome our chefs prepare everything to order, so they can alter any dishes to meet your needs. We have gluten-free pizza bases available upon request, and can also make our pasta dishes gluten-free for you. There's salads and a gluten-free chocolate brownie dessert to try too! Find out more about the Med Terrace.

Snacks and sweet treats

Why not try a baobab smoothie (made with coconut milk) from our Baobab and Rum Bar in the Rainforest Biome? Or perhaps a freshly made juice from our Juice Bar?

Sourcing and recycling

We’re proud that over 80% of the money we spend on catering suppliers is spent on businesses in Cornwall and Devon. We use only Cornish meat, dairy and eggs in our on-site cafes – as well as Cornish salad leaves, when they are in season. Find out about our sourcing.

We recycle a lot of our food waste in a huge composter that transforms it into a nitrogen-rich soil enhancer for our gardens.

Please bring your own refillable water bottle to help us cut down on the use of plastics.