In 2016 we topped the Soil Association's Out To Lunch league table of visitor attractions, which aimed to find the best attraction for freshly prepared, healthy and sustainable food.

Eden Kitchen

  • Where: in the Link Building between the Biomes

Children's pick-n-mix options

Our children’s pick-n-mix option for £5.95 allows your little ones to choose three food items and a drink from the following selection:

  • Cheddar cheese wrap
  • Home-cooked ham wrap
  • Mixed veg sticks
  • Cocktail sausages and dip pot
  • Pasta and med veg pot (made with gluten-free pasta)
  • Fresh grape pot
  • Piece of fruit
  • ‘Get Fruity’ bar – a 100% pressed fruit bar
  • Eden-made jelly pot
  • Raisin pot
  • Burts sea salt crisps
  • Joosed Junior apple and blackcurrant drink
  • Joosed Junior apple drink
  • Joosed Junior apple and orange drink
  • Still water.

Hot meals for children

  • Carrot and beetroot fritters (£5.50) 
    With whole grain rice, garden peas and mint and vegan feta dressing 
  • Chargrilled lemon chicken (£5.50)
    With wholegrain rice, garden peas and a lemon mayonnaise 
  • Baked white fish pieces (£5.95)
    With wholegrain rice, garden peas and a lemon mayonnaise

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Med Terrace Restaurant

  • Where: inside the Mediterranean Biome

Enjoy delicious food inspired by our Mediterranean Biome:

  • 5-inch margherita pizza, £5
  • 5-inch prosciutto ham pizza, £5.50
  • Penne pasta coated in a tomato and fresh herb sauce with grated mozzarella, £4.50
  • Penne pasta coated in basil pesto, topped with grated mozzarella, £4.50

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Eden Coffee House

  • Where: in the Visitor Centre, at the main entrance to Eden

Here we offer the same children’s pick-n-mix range found in Eden Kitchen (see above). 

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