'Lots of delicious local produce and vegan options... possibly the best vegan meal I have ever had, so fresh and full of flavour'
@pea_notbutter via @veganescapes

General dietary information

We only use vegan mayonnaise in all of our food, so if you see mayo in a dish description, don’t worry, it is vegan!

Although our food outlets use milk produced from dairy as standard, we always have soya milk stocked so please ask a member of the team if you'd like a substitute.

Our soups are always made to suit a number of dietary requirements, and you can always guarantee they'll be vegan.

Core Café

Our Core café, based in the Core building, is open daily serving a predominantly vegan savoury menu and some selected vegan cakes and sweet treats. Find out more about the Core Café menu.

Eden World Kitchen

The world kitchen is open daily serving tantalizing flavours from around the world. Our Korean sweet and spicy jackfruit with a kimchi rice, pickled mooli and spring onions can be served as a street food style wrap or as a rice bowl on request. 

Eden Kitchen

Roasted cauliflower steak as well as our Eden-made vegan soup. Find out more about the Eden Kitchen

The Eden Pasty

Here we have a delicious vegan pasty available, with the option of adding fries to make it a hearty meal! You can also find vegan falafel wraps at the The Eden Pasty

Coffee House in the Visitor Centre 

Falafel wraps, pasties and homemade soup, which are all vegan. Find out more about the Coffee House.

Med Terrace

Here our chefs prepare everything to order, so they can alter any dishes to meet your needs and always have vegan cheese available for anyone wanting to try one of our delicious pizzas. Our risottos are made without butter, and any cheeses normally used to finish the risottos are easily left off upon request. Find out more about the Med Terrace.

Snacks and sweet treats

We have some delicious sweet treat options here at Eden, including vegan carrot cake and a vegan raspberry and chocolate cake, which are both available from all of our cafés.

Why not try a baobab smoothie (made with coconut milk) from our Baobab and Rum Bar in the Rainforest Biome? There's a vegan hot chocolate, too, which you can ask for in our cafés. 

We also have a range of vegan ice cream in the Ice Cream Parlour

Sourcing and recycling

We’re proud that over 80% of the money we spend on catering suppliers is spent on businesses in Cornwall and Devon. We use only Cornish meat, dairy and eggs in our on-site cafes – as well as Cornish salad leaves, when they are in season. Find out about our sourcing.

We recycle a lot of our food waste in a huge composter that transforms it into a nitrogen-rich soil enhancer for our gardens.

Please bring your own refillable water bottle to help us cut down on the use of plastics.