The Eden Project is planning to reopen on 17 May 2021, subject to the latest Government guidance. Timed entry tickets for 17 May onwards are available to pre-book online. Our online shop remains open.

1. Eve sculpture

Where: Myth and Folklore

An old favourite, Eveis a living sculpture who emerges from the earth. Find her inside a dappled woodland copse, with a beautiful mirrored face that reflects the surrounding greenery, and tousled hair that actually grows.

2. Wild Cornwall

Where: Turn left out of the Visitor Centre

High up on the brim of the Outdoor Gardens, with great views over the Biome, Wild Cornwall takes you through quiet paths bordered with wildflowers and native trees. Look out for carvings hidden in traditional stone walls, and Chris Drury’s beautifully built Cloud Chamber.

3. Bee Observation Hive

Where: Turn left out of the Visitor Centre

Get close up to bees working inside a real hive – from behind the safety of a glass observation window! Step inside the wooden hut to discover more about the native dark honey bee that we’re helping to conserve in Cornwall.

4. Play logs

Where: By the Core building

Little ones loves to walk along these low-lying logs amidst the silver birch and eucalyptus trees. With special grooves to help feet grip, they’re designed for kids of all ages to enjoy.

5. Sense of Memory Garden

Where: Outside the Mediterranean Biome

A true Cornish oasis featuring ornamental water pools, tree ferns and colourful flowers, this is a wonderful place to cool off in the summer, with water flowing beneath your feet.

6. Spiral Garden

Where: Behind the Core building

This enclosed, sensory garden is perfect for exploring with children. Look out for willow tunnels, ‘bouncy’ paths, rainbows of flowers. ammonites set into the ground, and even carnivorous Venus flytraps. Dig deeper with the Spiral Garden Trail (pdf).

7. Plants for a changing climate

Where: On the rim of the Outdoor Gardens

We call this the ‘Outdoor Med’, because it’s packed full of sun-worshipping plants, who love the hot, dry conditions of this perfect suntrap, nestled against a south-facing cliff. Recreate a drought-tolerant garden at home

8. Willow Dream Chamber

Where: Myth and Folklore

Kids love to find their way to the centre of the labyrinth, marked on the ground deep inside our Myth and Folklore area. The Willow Dream Chamber is a peaceful place to shelter, covered by a woven arbour.

9. Japanese swale

Where: Behind the Core building

This shady swale, with a trickling stream running through it, is a delight in all seasons – brimming with primula in the spring, and ablaze with bright red acer trees in the autumn. Get tips on creating a Japanese garden at home.

10. The pond

Where: Beside the Core building

Pause a moment at the pond, and you might spot dragonflies above the surface or baby moorhens. It’s brimming with marsh-loving flowers, and a little boardwalk takes you close to the water. Find out how to make a bog garden at home