Narrative from the exhibit

Brown Gold, living skin of the Earth

Dirt to gold

Soil: It’s not until it grows your first lettuce or rose, is magnified to reveal its secrets or lamented by its loss that it becomes revered. 

A precious resource

Soil: The ultimate blend of rock, water, air, the dead and the living, supports life on land.

It is our mineral nutrient supplier, water reservoir and climate regulator.

Under your feet

A complex living soil community – from microbes to mini beasts – mine the rocks, recycle the dead, feed, protect and support the plants and construct an extraordinary environment in which they all live. Healthy soil has good structure with transport networks, air conditioning, reservoirs, food banks, even communication systems:  an invisible underground ‘city’. 

Healthy soil, healthy plant, healthy food, healthy you.

Lead scientific advisor: Becky Willson, Research Leader, Duchy College Rural Business School