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The Bigger Picture film

Explore invisible influences at a global scale.

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Step in front of and become part of this digital installation. Watch as the figure moves in sync with your body movements and see matter flow in and out of your body! Everything is interconnected - including you.

Narrative from the exhibit

We are intimately connected to the world. We constantly exchange the matter that builds our bodies with the air, water, land and life around us – every time we breathe, drink, eat and go to the loo. In fact, we are probably made of totally different matter than we were a year ago – apart from our teeth. Matter is not created or destroyed; it’s all here somewhere.

The digital interactive screens show how the materials that make us: carbon, water, nitrogen and phosphate, constantly flow in a cycle between air, land and water.  Enter the cycle. See how you become part of the flow. When industry kicks in the flows start to go wrong. Carbon builds up in the sky, nitrogen and phosphate in the water. What to do? Back in the real world can we fix the cycle?

The Bigger Picture film

Just around the corner from the interactive exhibit, there’s a further exploration of the Vast Invisible theme in a film that looks at invisible influences at a global scale, such as climate change.

In 1968 the Apollo 8 crew flew to the moon and discovered the Earth. 'Earthrise', their photograph from space changed the way we view the world. Fast forward 50 years: satellites now keep a constant overview. Take a look at this film of view of our Earth from above and explore the ways satellites are helping us to better look after the world.