Plants from sunnier climes love this south-facing cliff spot in our Outdoor Gardens. We chose them because they thrive in the warmer, drier conditions that we might experience here in the UK as the climate changes.

Most are borderline hardy, so the garden is an experiment to see what we can get away with here in Cornwall, known for its mild winters.

You’ll spot things like:

  • Agaves: they conserve water inside leathery skins.
  • Spikey puyas: these collect rain at the base of their stems.
  • Olives: might they become a viable crop in a warming Britain?
  • The Chilean wine palm: this hardy plant from South America can even tolerate frosts.
  • Scented geraniums: native to South Africa, they can survive heat and drought.
  • Yuccas: these drought-tolerant plants also like clay soils, just like ours.