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  • How did the Universe begin?
  • Is there life in the Universe beyond Earth?
  • How did life on Earth begin?
  • What will our climate be like in 2100?
  • Should we be comfortable with GM crops?
  • Is the medical use of human embryos necessary or ethical?

If you could ask Science anything, anything at all... What would you ask?

The 100 questions campaign

This campaign will:

  • Link the importance of scientific research with its direct effect on our daily lives
  • Help facilitate informed debates on: climate science, space travel, energy security, biomedical and reproductive technologies, genomics, data science and nanotechnology
  • Discover what we wish to know about our personal health and wellbeing, how our technology works and the unanswered questions that will be explored by the researchers of tomorrow.

The new national initiative, A New Age of Wonder, could become the largest public engagement campaign in British history. A campaign that will help make the UK the world’s leading knowledge economy, and the best place in the world to do science.

Send us your questions

Please email your questions to ageofwonder@edenproject.com