Your entry fee includes four free beers or cider samples (a third of a pint each), and a commemorative pint glass to keep. 

Beers at last year's Festival

Last year the majority of our beers were brewed in Cornwall.

Cornish beers
Fang Black Flag  4.5% Golden 
Chameleon Black Flag  3.8% Golden 
Pale Black Rock 4.2% Golden
Deep Black Rock 5% Amber
Cornish Best Castle 5% Golden unfined
Gauntlet Castle  4% Golden unfined
Poseidon Extra Coastal  4.5% Golden
Merry Maidens Mild Coastal  4% Black
Lizard Storm Cornish Chough 4.8% Ruby
Cadgwith Crabber Cornish Chough 4.3% Golden
Causeway Bitter Cornish Crown 4.1%  Amber
One Hop One Grain Cornish Crown 4.1%  Golden
Red River Rye Driftwood Spars  4.5% Red
Bawden Rocks Driftwood Spars 3.8% Golden
Discovery Forge 3.9% Golden
Forge IPA Forge 4.5% Golden 
Bronescombe Vision Granite Rock  5.2% Amber 
Summer Solstice Granite Rock 4% Golden
King Keltek  5.1% Pale brown
Magik Keltek 4% Copper
Windjammer Padstow 4.3% Copper
Pride Padstow 4.5% Amber
80 Schilling Rebel 5% Dark
Surf Bum IPA Rebel  3.5% Copper
Lushingtons Skinner's 4.2% Golden
Trawler Skinner's 3.8% Golden
Harvest Moon St Austell 4.3%  Chestnut 
Honey I'm Home St Austell 3.9%  Golden
Mocha Chocca Lotta St Austell 6% Dark
Poldark Tintagel 4.5%  Dark 
Cornwall's Pride Tintagel  4% Amber
UK-wide beers
Ghost Ship Adnams 4.5% Golden
Oliver's Island Fuller's 3.8% Golden
Legend Dartmoor 4.4% Amber 
Boltmaker Timothy Taylor's 4% Copper
Harvest Pale Castle Rock 3.8% Golden
Rev James Brains 4.5%  Mahogony
Old Speckled Hen Morland's 4.5% Amber
Jaipur Thornbridge 5.9% Golden

Cornish ciders

We've sourced a great selection of ciders, including some unusual flavours.

Farmhouse Cornish Orchards 4.8% Medium dry
Pear Cornish Orchards 5% Medium sweet
Blush   Cornish Orchards 4% Sweet
Mango Lime & Ginger Cornwall Cider 4% Sweet
Rhubarb & Custard Cornwall Cider 4% Sweet
Farmhouse Healeys 4.5% Medium dry 
Original Polgoon 5% Medium dry 
Berry Polgoon 4% Sweet
Clodgy Dry St Ives 6% Medium dry 
Hells Mouth  St Ives 7.5% Dry

Cornish gins

A great way to celebrate the explosion of Cornish gin producers.

Gorsedh Cornish Organic Gin Atlantic Distillery
Jynerva Cornish Organic Gin Atlantic Distillery
Curio Rock Samphire Gin Curio Spirits
Tarquin's Blackberry Gin Southwestern Distillery
Tarquin's Cornish Dry Gin Southwestern Distillery
Tarquin's Eden Baobab Gin Southwestern Distillery
Tarquin's Seadog Navy Gin Southwestern Distillery
Trevethan Cornish Gin Trevethan Distillery
Cornish Clotted Cream Gin  The Wrecking Coast Distillery