Easter fun at Eden

Get involved in farmyard fun here over the holidays!

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It’s spring time at Eden and we’ve got lots of new indoor and outdoor games and activities for the whole family to try out at our farm-themed Easter event.

Join the Eden Farmers to help round up their animals, and learn what makes crops grow. Play a-mooo-sing games and eggs-citing activities. Collect stamps to fill up your card and eggs-change them for cracking prizes!

‘[My daughter] had the best time playing all the Easter games and collecting stamps!’

Instagram comment, 2019

Easter games and activities

Animal Round-up

Can ewe find the farmyard animals and get them safely back to their homes? Scramble around the farm with your team to find them, making the animal noises as you go. 

Watch out for the Windmill

Can you throw the corn into the amaizing giant windmill, with a steady hand? Watch out for the spinning blades!

Crop Picking

Gather all the crops from the field and be the first to gather your vegetables back to the local markets. Work as a team and don’t get cornfused!

Pin the Tail

Try your hand at pinning the tail on the animal – blindfolded! Now, pay attention to de-tail.

The Soil Pit

Explore the soil to find the tiny creatures which live in its layers and help to make our crops grow. You’ll dig it!

Welly wanging

Hurl a Wellington boot as far as you can within the boundary lines and see what targets you can hit.

Under-fives soft play 

Little ones can let off steam in our soft play area, especially for under-fives. (All children must be accompanied by an adult.)

Face Painting

Transform yourself for the day with a professional face paint. How about a butterfly, a rabbit, or even a dinosaur? (11am – 4pm. For over-threes only. Additional charge of £4 per child, £5 per adult).

Storytelling and shows

Bumbling bees, bugs and butterflies

Come and listen to the Eden Storytellers telling wondrous bumbling bug tales and learn about the fascinating world of pollinating insects. You can catch a story in the Mediterranean Biome (Citrus area) at 12, 1.30pm and 2:30pm. 

Trails and egg hunts

The Great Eden Egg Hunt

Keep your eyes peeled for precious patterned eggs, hidden around Eden – which you can ‘eggschange’ for a special prize.

Here are some top tips for a crackin’ egg hunt at Eden:

  • The eggs will always be tucked away in places which are visible, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!
  • Make sure you read the signs around Eden and don’t climb across the flower beds. The eggs will always be in easy reach.
  • The eggs won’t be hiding behind any closed doors.
  • Please share if you find more than one egg. There are plenty to go around!
  • And most importantly, remember to swap any eggs you find at the Eggschange for a tasty Easter treat!

Happy Hunting!

The Scoop on Soil Trail

Using your handout, follow the fact-filled discovery trail and learn about why soil is not just dirt!

The Wiggly Worm Trail

Wiggly worms are popping up all around Eden to say hello. When you spot one, tick it off on your handout.

Relaxed Sessions

Would your child prefer to visit us during a ‘relaxed session’ instead? These take place before our site opens to the public and are designed to welcome visitors who may benefit from a more informal experience, such as those with autism and sensory or communication needs. All Easter activities will be open for the children to take part in. 

Relaxed sessions take place at 8am (until 9:30am) on:

  • Wednesday 10 April
  • Sunday 14 April
  • Wednesday 17 April

'We brought our son who has autism to the relaxed session and he had a brilliant time. The staff were excellent and the activities were lots of fun. He was so excited to find a golden egg too!'

Marilyn, 2018 Facebook comment