"A sportive suits anyone who likes to bike, who likes distance on two wheels with a bit of a time challenge thrown in if you want to race against the clock.

"For me cycling sportives are thrilling events that allow me to charge off on my bike in the company of hundreds of fellow cyclists. I like the challenge. Can I cover the miles? Can I handle the hills? Can I change a tyre in record time with minimal fuss? Can I wait until the Eden Classic?!

"I’ve completed four sportives including the Dragon in mountainous Wales, a killer 100 miles, and the Dartmoor Sportive covering 72 miles over notoriously harsh hilly terrain and through changeable weather. Yet, it’s the Eden Classic that I’m all a buzz about, and not just because I work in the heart of this world-renowned attraction!

Unique and beautiful course

"The Eden Classic will be spectacularly different from any other national sportive. For a start the route is an eclectic mix of coastal beauty and gruelling terrain. I should know; I went out on a pre-sportive ride-out in February and experienced first-hand the beauty and the beast!

"Early on it passes the Eden’s Rainforest Biome, something that no other sportive in the world can offer. Then it tantalises the two-wheeled adventurer further with routes that navigate around Cornwall’s most stunning beaches and allows you to absorb some of the county’s most iconic cultural heritage. The terrain is like a rollercoaster: deceptive flats twist and turn into gruelling hill climbs and then follow with some hair-raising descents. Fortunately there is a chance to refuel at The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Training regime

"Sportive rides can be over 100 miles in length, which can equate to 6-9 hours in the saddle, so training is required! Throughout January and February indoor training was the theme for me. I’m not that keen on cycling in the cold icy rain! I tried it and after a flat, 15 miles into the ride with hands too frozen to change my tyre, I called a friend for help and decided it might be a good idea to attend some classes at my local Tempus Leisure centre to build up my stamina for the sportive.

"The indoor aero-cycle classes, run by a great instructor and fellow Eden Classic entrant, Jamie Curtis, are an exhausting yet confidence-building hour on a fixed wheel bike; these sessions continue to enhance my cycles outdoors.

"The Eden Classic; 10th May 2015 - 32, 60 or 100 miles, hundreds of other cyclist and I can’t wait. Am I prepared for it? I’ll let you know when I cross the finish line!"

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