The Eden Project will reopen on 17 May 2021. Timed entry tickets are now available to pre-book online for dates up to 5 September.

... and then we see if we will be friends

Within this project, artists Katharina Hauke and Till Bovermann invite all curious organisms and life-forms in and around the Eden Project to create sounds and improvised experimental music together.

Small networked music making systems will be set up within the various sites of the Eden Project that feature differing degrees of self-sufficiency and interaction possibilities for both visitors and inhabitants.

The artists will adapt and extend the semi-autonomous platforms on-the-fly to both sense and provoke actions of the various actors, inviting them to explore emergent collaborative phenomena.

Katharina and Till's project is one of several sci-art residencies co-curated by FoAM, which bring different parts of our Invisible World into focus. 

Other art exhibitions and residencies

We'll be hosting a range of temporary exhibitions and art installations – throughout the year there'll be live events, stories, workshops and sci-art residencies bringing different parts of our Invisible Worlds into focus. Other art residencies include the opportunity for visitors to discover the incredible world of rocks this summer, or to get involved in an exciting fermentation workshop in October.

See our 'breathing' sculpture

While you're here, come and see our huge ceramic sculpture, rising almost to the roof of the Core building. Known as Infinity Blue, it pays homage to one of the world's smallest but most important organisms: cynobacteria.