0 1 photography exhibition, by Daniel Barter

This exhibition explores and serves as a platform for gender identities that fall outside, or don’t conform to, a gender binary. Beautiful photographic portraits made as glass plates using a 19th century technique (wet plate collodion) are accompanied by sound recordings of the sitters' interviews.

Both the interviews and the photoshoots are a collaboration, providing the participants with creative freedom and agency over how they wish to be portrayed and allowing for each model to express their own identity.

Find out more about the artist Daniel Barter.

Making Gay History Audio Experience

Making Gay History podcastAlongside the gender identity exhibition, we’re featuring a series of rare archival interviews that reveal the personal stories behind the fight for LGBTQ equality.

Three decades ago, writer Eric Marcus criss-crossed the US, interviewing a hundred leaders, champions of and witnesses to the LGBTQ civil rights movement. Now presented as a podcast, Making Gay History’s emotionally immersive 15- to 20-minute episodes feature conversations with, among others, trans icon, self-described drag queen and Stonewall uprising veteran Sylvia Rivera, lesbian activist and co-founder of National Coming Out Day Jean O’Leary, and Vito Russo, co-founder of GLAAD and ACT UP, who discusses LGBTQ representation in film, the AIDS epidemic, and how we can look back and learn from the past. Find out more about the Making Gay History podcast

Proud Eden, 29 September

This exhibition is on during Proud Eden, an evening of music, performance, and talks as a celebration of LGBTQ culture. Find out more and get tickets

Other art exhibitions and residencies

We'll be hosting a range of temporary exhibitions and art installations – throughout the year there'll be live events, stories, workshops and sci-art residencies bringing different parts of our Invisible World into focus. Find out more about our Invisible Worlds exhibition.