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Otherworlds – Visions of our Solar System

Embark on a fascinating journey to the furthest reaches of the solar system. Artist Michael Benson has trawled through the digital archives of agencies such as NASA and the European Space Agency, using often unseen imagery from robot space missions, to create breath-taking photographic images of planetary landscapes. The exhibition is set to a soundtrack of original music by Brian Eno.

Through a process he compares to the alchemy of a darkroom, the black-and-white source images are pieced together and transformed into groundbreaking artworks – as close as possible to what the human eye would see if they could view these planets up close.

Other art exhibitions and residencies

We'll be hosting a range of temporary exhibitions and art installations – throughout the year there'll be live events, stories, workshops and sci-art residencies bringing different parts of our Invisible World into focus. Find out more about our Invisible Worlds exhibition.