From the scent of an extinct flower to the beauty of everyday vegetables, this exhibition reveals botany in a new light. It invites us to contemplate and reflect on the seemingly ubiquitous but visually arresting world of plants. Featuring a selection of botanical illustrations, photographic prints and a multi-sensory installation, Radical Botany explores the artist’s role in the scientific collecting and recording of flora whilst uncovering stories about biodiversity, trade and extinction.

Radical Botany will feature work from Christina Agapakis, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg & Sissel Tolaas, William Arnold-Goldstrom, Jan Chesire, Mally Francis FLS, Ros Franklin, Fran Patterson, Anita Pearman, Julie Peart, Edwina Pickard, Gillian Roue, Chrissie Russell, Laura Silburn, Meriel Thurstan, Jenny Ward, Alison Wilkins and Dominica Williamson.

Eden’s Florilegium Society collection comprises a beautiful archive of traditional watercolour, pen and ink, and pencil illustrations of the Eden Project’s plants, which was started when we opened in the year 2000. 

Entry to the exhibition is free with Eden admissionMembership, or a Locals' Pass.

Supported by Arts Council England and the Eden Project Florilegium Society

Top image credit: Jenny Ward

Page image credit: William Arnold