The trip of a lifetime

The prizewinners will enjoy a stunning seven-night stay in these beautiful areas of the country:

  • Dominical: Enjoy the authentic charm of the small town of Dominical with its local handcrafted souvenir stores and surf schools taught by locals who know the waves very well. A visit to Dominical on the Pacific West Coast wouldn’t be complete without tasting the fresh seafood at the local restaurants; the ceviche on the Pacific is like no other. 
  • Monteverde: Discover Monteverde, nestled amongst the clouds high above the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines of Costa Rica, an area recognised worldwide for its conservation and preservation efforts in large part due to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Immerse yourself in history and enjoy an abundance of nature activities around the centre of the area. 
  • La Fortuna: Take in the spectacular La Fortuna Waterfall as it plummets 200 feet out of the dense forest into a tranquil pool below. Located in the Plains of the North, the home of Arenal Volcano National Park, which boasts 75 percent of Costa Rica’s bird population, the plains of the north present endless activities for visitors such as hiking, canoeing, waterfall rappelling and canopying.

The prize of a holiday to Costa Rica for two people includes seven nights of accommodation, economy-class flights from the UK to Costa Rica, and hotel transfers.

How to enter

The competition has now closed.  See full terms and conditions here.