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A view of the wildflowers growing in the outdoor gardens at Eden with the biomes in the far distance

Game Changer careers programme for young people

A brilliant opportunity for young people in Cornwall to get support in exploring training and employment opportunities that really suit their unique passions.

This includes an inspirational one-day taster session of what it’s like to work in the leisure and tourism industry, at the Eden Project – and it could lead to a volunteer placement with us. 


A taste of Game Changer

Quote from Brogan


“‘Before Game Changer I didn’t have college, I didn’t have school, I didn’t have a job, so I was just sat in my room… It has definitely bettered my life.’”

Exploring new opportunities together

Are you a young person living in Cornwall, who is looking to explore opportunities for your future? If you’re aged 15-24 and are not currently in education or employment – or think you may soon be in this situation – give Game Changer a go.  

Game Changer at Eden has been established over four years and is designed to offer personalised support to take you from your current situation into a job or training focused on your unique interests and passions. The idea isn’t just to help you get any old job, or win a place on a course you won’t enjoy, but help you explore what suits you best.  



Here’s how it works

Real life stories

Hear from young people who’ve taken part:

Is Game Changer for you?

If you’re aged 15–24, are living in Cornwall, and are not employed or in education at the moment – or think you may soon be in this situation – you’re welcome to apply to join us on this free programme. 

How to join Game Changer 

If you like the sound of all this, the first thing to do is to get in touch with the team at Game Changer on 0330 2234158, or email Once you're part of the scheme you'll be able to chat to your Navigator about joining us for a taster session at the Eden Project. 

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