How to build your own den

June 28, 2011
Author: Hannah

You don’t need much more than a table and a sheet to make a great den, either in the house, garden or outside in the park or woods. But if you can get your hands on some interesting (and free!) materials, you could keep the kids busy for a whole day.

Maybe you’ve got some old rope in the shed, a couple of blankets in the cupboard, or some bamboos in the shed… Well, here are some ideas for what to do with them.

Stuff for structure
All good dens need a sturdy frame.

  • Chairs and tables are one quick way of building a structure.
  • Bamboo canes: light, strong and fairly cheap.
  • Poles: if you can’t get bamboo, you are going to need something similar, such as broom handles or tent poles.
  • Bendy sticks: make all sorts of interesting shapes with these, or with plastic bendy pipes.
  • Fallen branches: really fallen, not just branches you can reach. If you can only find thin ones, try tying them together to make them stronger.

Stuff for tying
You’ll need a way to tie the structure together.

  • String and rope
  • Old bicycle inner tubes: cut into strips 2.5cm wide, these are great for tying things together.
  • Rags: cut up old T-shirts. Save old sheets to cover the shelter.

Stuff for shelter
Now for making it look beautiful, or for keeping out the rain, if the den is outside.

  • Bright materials can help you turn your den into a palace, fancy restaurant or castle.
  • If you want to use your dens in the rain you’ll need waterproof material, such as plastic dust sheets or tarpaulin. Leaves are also good for this, but you’ll need loads if you don’t want it to leak.

Stuff not to build with

  • Avoid glass as it can break into dangerously sharp bits.
  • Steer clear of big bits of wood, or anything else big and heavy.
  • Tins of paint or chemicals are bad news for you and the environment.
  • Don’t cut bits off living trees.

Watch our video for more inspiration.

Here’s a few more tips to keep everyone safe and happy.

The Den Commandments

  • Respect the environment!
  • Please don’t damage the den site; true denmasters leave no trace.
  • Always tidy up after yourself. Please don’t drop litter, especially if you use manmade materials.
  • Look after living trees and plants: they take years to grow and seconds to destroy.
  • Check whose land you are planning to build on: you don’t want to be chased off halfway through and you don’t want to upset the neighbours.
  • Don’t steal from other peoples’ dens!

Safe play tips

To enjoy den making you need to stay safe, so this bit is really just about not doing anything stupid.
  • There isn’t a ‘right’ place to build a den, but there are definitely a few wrong places: derelict buildings, cliff edges, swamps… you get the picture.
  • We aren’t saying that an adult should be there all the time but a grown-up should know what’s going on and where!
  • Keep your den lightweight, so that if it falls in, it won’t do too much damage to any den builders inside.
  • If you are going to dig into the ground, don’t go very deep.

If you like wild outdoor play, come along to our den-building activities at the Festival of Wilderness in Oxfordshire in August 2013.

If you’re keen get started quickly with den-building, check out the Eden Den Kit on sale in our online shop. It includes all you need to build a sturdy den and decorate it.

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20 responses to How to build your own den

  1. lewis says:

    This is a good idea for making a den, i will definatly use this website again. thanks x

  2. rosie says:

    no offence but i dont like your den it isnt really a den

    a dens in a forrest where your free in a clearing where you and your friends can go with lots of old stuff no ones ment to no where you are this is just a tent in a garden

    and i should know im a child

    and these children didnt even help

  3. jessica hunter says:

    i found this very useful now i can make a den that ive always wanted! :)

  4. katie says:

    me and my friend thinks it realy good tips

  5. Ben says:

    I think your thing is cool

  6. Martyna says:

    That is an good Idear of makind a den but you need thows thigs that is the problem any way it is a good Idear :)

  7. abbimae says:

    Wicked my den turned out brillent thanks

  8. Joe says:

    As Rosie said that is not a den its a tent a den is a place where kids build in the forest to play and have fun I should now I’ve built many a den myself.

  9. Cjay says:

    You forget, or don’t even think, that many people don’t have anything like a forest or wood to go building in so this is a good way to start!

  10. Jonathan says:

    The chair and tables are a good way to build one qwickly in about 5mins

  11. Georgia says:

    I think this is great me and my friend made a den using Ideas from this
    But I have a forest so I think is was a great plan

  12. mya says:

    fab loved it my den turned out fabulous thanks

  13. courteny says:

    hate it I made my room look better than it! lol

  14. Bob says:


  15. milli says:

    me and my bff think that the tips are really good but the video bored us to death. we are gonna try and make a den thanks but not for the video

  16. Kelis says:

    My den turned out brill thanks but I do agree with Rosie but u have got talent with structure xx

  17. ben says:

    Me and my mates about twenty of us build a den in woods of pallets every year we just chill there all day every dat

  18. dustin nelson says:

    hi I don’t like it because i think you need to tell us how to make one inside.

  19. Fred says:


  20. Fred says:

    I’m with Rosie and Joe

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