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HotHouse participants in a field with a round tent

Creative leadership programmes

HotHouse is the Eden Project's creative leadership and cultural change programmes for individuals and organisations.

What is HotHouse and creative leadership?

Imagine a leadership course where nature is not only your classroom but also your teacher! No boardrooms, PowerPoint presentations, or neat, formulaic steps to success. This is a leadership development experience like no other, full of organic, earth-based, nature-inspired processes which focus on connection to self, others, and the planet.

Why do we do it?

The world is in crisis and 'business as usual' is no longer an option. We need more authentically powerful agents for change to help lead us in creating innovative solutions to the many local and global challenges we face.

At the Eden Project, we put nature front and centre because we believe our connection with it is vital for the next iteration of leadership the world needs.

How do we do it?

Through facilitating inspirational and immersive experiences set within the natural world, we aim to empower our participants to build richer, more meaningful relationships with themselves, nature, and each other for the common good of our planet.

Our programmes focus heavily on inner-leadership. To lead others well, we first need to ensure we are leading ourselves with impeccability and integrity.

Quote 1

Sarah Cook, Head of Tea, Pukka Herbs

“ Life changing, transformational and utterly inspiring. ”

An invitation to experience HotHouse

Who's it for?

Whether you're an organisation or an individual; a well-established leader or new to a leadership role; leading large numbers of people or leading yourself through life; private, public, or third sector or simply wanting to gain a deeper understanding of your place in the world...

We deliberately work with a wide-ranging cross-section of people as we believe it's incredibly valuable to make unexpected connections, hear unique stories, and share experiences and ideas together.

Why choose to develop your leadership at the Eden Project?

The Eden Project site is a physical representation of the type of positive impact and transformation we want all our leaders to have the gift of experiencing first-hand so they can leave feeling inspired to create change in their own communities.

From a man-made scar in the earth with incredibly limited biodiversity, to a site with nutrient-dense soil, trees, shrubs, flowers, insects, reptiles, amphibians, small birds, small and large mammals, and birds of prey, the land that the Eden Project is built on has gone from barely surviving to thriving. Not forgetting the job creation, education and research opportunities, and economic boost it has delivered to Cornwall as a county.

The Eden Project is living proof that regenerative change is possible at the micro and macro levels.

Upcoming programmes

Leadership course participants in the Rainforest Biome surrounded by leaves

Consultancy and custom programmes

Alongside our series of readymade programmes, we also work with individuals and organisations in a variety of ways, from one-off workshops, to facilitating company days, bespoke transformational coaching, and designing and delivering custom programmes tailor-made for your organisation. 


participant, April 2022

“ An immersive experience finding a love of sustainability and nature using the elements to realise your core values. ”

Group or people stood in some woods

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