School workshop: Finding Fibonacci

A two-hour workshop which invites pupils from Years 5, 6 and 7 to discover the mathematical patterns hidden in nature.

Seed granite sculpture

Workshop overview

What happens: Students are sent on a journey around the biomes to collect a plant-based data set. From the class data set they then identify commonly occurring numbers which lead them to the Fibonacci sequence.

Using further examples from the natural world and a geometric drawing activity they begin to realise that mathematical patterns are at work all around us, from the spiral shapes of the Milky Way to the packing of seeds in a sunflower head. 

Finally, students are challenged to investigate Eden’s iconic Seed sculpture and take a closer look at the Core building to see how people, art and architecture have also been influenced by this intriguing sequence of numbers.

Location: This takes place in a workshop room inside our purpose built education centre, as well as in our Biomes.

Skills and curriculum links

This workshop enables students to:

  • use observational skills to collect a primary data set from the natural world
  • extrapolate the Fibonacci sequence from their data set and look for further evidence in the world around us
  • understand the significance of maths and mathematical patterns in shaping the world around us

We've designed the workshop to help teachers cover the following subject areas:

KS2 Maths

  • Ma2 Number and algebra 1k, 2b
  • Ma3 Shape, space and measures 2b, 2c, 2d
  • Ma4 Handling data 2a, 2b

KS3 Maths 1.2a, 1.3b, c, d 1.4a, b 2.2d 2.3d 2.4b 3.2a

Practical information

Year group: Years 5-7

Length: 2 hours

Group size: Up to 35 pupils

Cost: £5.25 per pupil, with a minimum charge of £105 per group (includes VAT)

This includes:

  • a facilitated workshop with our Education Team
  • free access to the Eden site for the day
  • all equipment needed for the workshop
  • free teaching resources enabling your class to prepare for the workshop and to follow up on the activity (download a sample copy)
  • a personal welcome from the Education Team at the entrance
  • a base for your bags in our purpose-built education centre, The Core
  • a space to eat your own lunch or the opportunity to eat in one of our unique cafes
  • free entry for accompanying adult helpers, whose participation is essential to the success of the day (please note our maximum adult/pupil ratios are as follows: KS1, 1:5; KS2 and KS3, 1:10; KS4 and KS5, 1:15) 
  • a free preparatory visit to Eden for teachers wanting to plan their school trip, which should be booked in advance

The children loved the investigative nature of the workshop; it promoted great thinking and enquiry skills and the children are still talking about it back at school.

Teacher at St Merryn School