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Hands holding a tablet up in the Rainforest and viewing an augmented reality overlay on the screen

Eden Universe

The Eden Universe research project explored how 5G technologies can enhance a day out at Eden, increase online engagement and help connect people to each other and the living world.

The digital experiences

We created a range of digital experiences that were tested and trialled amongst different audience groups, including visitors, schools and care homes. Using the feedback and evaluation from the trails, we are now adapting these experiences for future use. 

CGI of tree roots and fungi

The Invisible Rainforest

Two unique augmented reality (AR) experiences were developed in the Rainforest Biome in collaboration with experiential art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast that explore perspectives beyond our human senses. Living Lens’ uses cutting edge, environment-responsive AR to represent plants through the senses of different animals. ‘Weather Maker’ visualises the inner workings of a tree in via a 360° camera that travels up and down its trunk. The Invisible Rainforest reveals the hidden connections between life and the environment and invites you to reflect on your interaction with the natural world. 

Aerial view of the Eden Project Biomes

The Virtual Tour

Working with META Camera, a series of high resolution 360° video cameras were installed in the Biomes, allowing live-stream sights from off the beaten path and giving online audiences previously unseen perspectives. The cameras are now part of Eden’s first ever virtual tour, where you can experience a taste of the Eden Project from wherever you are in the world. The tour also features aerial views, 360° photos, videos and information about our plants and exhibits. 

Eden Sessions music concert at Eden Project

Live-streamed performances

 ‘Rainforest Reconnect’ was a live streamed well-being experience, featuring singers, yoga and narration live from the Rainforest Biome. The interactive experience was brought to life using several META Camera 360° video cameras We are hoping to offer more live streamed performances in the this space. 

Boy in green t-shirt playing on a screen looking up at camera

Interactive dashboards

Using live data from sensors around the Eden Project, we created two data dashboards that showed environmental conditions in the Biomes and Gardens, as well as how visitors were helping us reach net zero by 2030 (e.g. recycling of waste).    Research is ongoing to explore how smart technology can help us reduce our carbon footprint and improve our sustainability. 

Project partners

Eden Universe is one of nine projects that won a Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) bid to explore how 5G networks could enhance people’s lives. Eden worked in partnership with Marshmallow Laser Feast, META Camera and 5G network provider aql. 

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