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Solar roof on the Core building at Eden Project

Walking the talk

With up to one million visitors coming to Eden Cornwall each year and around two million plants to look after, it's essential that we operate in as sustainable a way as possible. 

It’s a great opportunity to explore new ideas at all scales and share what we discover, as we develop new Edens around the globe.  

Cutting energy and carbon

Saving water


Did you know?

We use harvested rain water to flush our loos!

We’re proud that around two-thirds of our water needs are provided from water we collect ourselves. Because we’re situated in a big hole in the ground – a former clay mine – we have set up an underground drainage system that collects all the water coming on to the site, which we use to irrigate our plants and flush our water-efficient loos.  

We also harvest the rainwater that falls on the Biomes to irrigate the plants inside, top up the rainforest waterfall and maintain the high humidity inside.

Dealing with waste

Where our waste goes

  1. Recycling

    54% is sent for recycling
  2. Composting

    19% is composted here at Eden itself
  3. Energy

    23% creates energy from waste
  4. Landfill

    4% is sent to landfill

Better buying 

As a major consumer of goods and services, we are committed to spending our money wisely on products that make a difference to the world.

We choose our products either because they have a small impact on the environment, a social benefit for the people who produce them or a positive influence on the consumer's lifestyle. 

Better buying 

Sustainability Policy

Download our Sustainability Policy to find out how we weave sustainability into all we do.

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