Future plans for the Eden Project

We are working with our partners to develop a range of exciting new projects that will help place Cornwall as the green skills capital of the UK.

Eden's first chapter

During our first decade we’ve worked with a variety of partners to establish the Eden Project as a world-class tourism destination with environmental education for the public at its heart.

Together, we’ve shared our story with more than 14 million visitors to the site, helping transform their relationship with the natural world.

We’ve built sustainable buildings and developed efficient operations. We’ve created more than 500 jobs here at Eden – plus 2,000 outside our boundaries – and helped pull more than £1.2 billion into the local economy.

Eden's next chapter

Eden’s mission for the next chapter is to take our educational message to more people in bigger and better ways, helping transformational change both within and beyond Cornwall.

We aim to do this through a range of projects which capitalise on existing investments and developments in Cornwall’s emerging low-carbon economy.

We want to work with others to use our internationally recognised brand to attract new audiences and economic activity to the Cornwall, and establish the county as a leading centre of skills for individuals and businesses.

These developing sustainability education projects consist of:

Rainforest Canopy Walkway

Set amidst the treetops of the biggest rainforest in captivity, this practical laboratory and HQ for science and conservation re-invigorates and refreshes the importance of the rainforest and our understanding of dependence on nature. Read more about this.

Geothermal Energy Project

Eden's energy strategy includes plans to build the UK's first geothermal energy plant generating both heat and electricity, in partnership with EGS Energy. Read more about this.