On foot or bike

Several walking and cycling trails come right past Eden, and you get a discount for coming on bike or foot. See below for maps, directions and public transport links.

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Discount tickets when you arrive by foot or bike

We want as many of you to walk or cycle to Eden as possible, so we’re offering you discount tickets when you arrive at the admissions desk (we can’t give these discounts on advanced tickets bought online). See our tickets and prices to find out how much you can save. Please note that this discount only applies to standard admissions and not in conjunction with any other offer.

Walk to Eden Project: directions and maps

Cycle to Eden Project: directions and maps

Bike racks and luggage lockers

  • Lock your bike to one of our bike racks, in our patrolled car park.
  • Leave your luggage in our lockers (you’ll need a £1 coin, which is returnable).

Recharging your e-bike battery

If you ride an e-bike with a removable battery, Eden will charge up the battery while you visit. Simply take the battery down to the ticketing hall with you, and hand it over at the Admission Information Desk. You can then collect it, all charged up, when you are ready to leave.