Latest news, May 2013: a titan arum is set to bloom in the Eden Project's Rainforest Biome! See the live webcam here.

  • The flower is only open for 48 hours and attracts insect pollinators with its stench of rotting flesh.
  • This plant rarely blooms in cultivation but Tim Grigg, a horticulturist at Eden’s nursery, has had a remarkable success rate having produced seven for display in the Rainforest Biome. He has to hand-pollinate the individual flowers. They can take up to seven years to bloom.
  • This arum is related to the cuckoo pint (lords and ladies) found in British hedgerows.
  • The swollen underground storage stem (tuber) can weigh more than 75kg.

Where it grows

Rainforest in western Sumatra, Indonesia, on steep hillsides that are 120–365m above sea level.

Conservation story

The titan arum is listed as ‘vulnerable’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Wildlife facts

When the inflorescence is fully open, it produces an overpowering stench of rotting flesh to attract insect pollinators such as carrion-eating beetles and flesh flies.

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titan arum

for how long does the titan arum can be alive?
Submitted by sai kumary on

The flower lasts for only 48

eden project's picture
The flower lasts for only 48 hours. The Titan Arum itself though can live for up to 40 years, with 4-6 flowers during that time.
Submitted by eden project on


Gladiolus Fan Posted on White flowers with bgirht green rolls on the petals. The plant is high, powerful. Inflorescence is distichous with dense laying flowers. A powerful new class gladiolus.
Submitted by Clarissa on

Latin name

Whats it's latin name?
Submitted by Josh garland on

Titan Arum

eden project's picture
Amorphophallus titanum
Submitted by eden project on

titan arum

is this plant canivorous?
Submitted by muthuri wa gakufia on


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This friendly giant isn't carnivorous, it gets it's nutrients from the soil.
Submitted by eden project on

Is it an endangered plant?

Is it an endangered plant?
Submitted by cynthia on

Titan Arum

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Yes, it is classed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Redlist. This is due to the massive scale of deforestation in it's natural habitat and the loss of animals that help disperse the seed.
Submitted by eden project on


Titan arum flower

Britain's biggest flower

See footage of the giant bloom in our Rainforest Biome.



  • Herb: plant with fleshy parts rather than a persistent woody stem above ground.
  • Perennial: lives for at least two years.